Use LayoutBoxx to save time and give your rental customers the ability to easily create their own photobooth print layout with personalized name and date. Or use it yourself to quickly and easily create the layouts. In addition to preset layouts (more than 150 right now and adding more over time), you can and should upload your own layouts. This makes LayoutBoxx your personal template engine that not only saves you time, but gives your customers the ability to design their own layouts.

1.) Upload your logo to LayoutBoxx to personalize. Your customers will then see your LayoutBoxx!

2.) Upload your very own print layouts and optionally switch off the default layouts. This makes LayoutBoxx unique for you and your customers.

3.) Simply embed LayoutBoxx directly into your website. This makes LayoutBoxx a part of your website, and everything looks like a one-stop shop.



Basically you can use LayoutBoxx for free. Even create an account, integrate it into your website, upload your own layouts etc. Only if layouts are saved after the creation or should be sent via e-mail, there are fees. There are two different payment models. Prepaid with credit account (1 layout = 1 credit) or a flatrate. Within your account, there is a link to buy the credits. Please contact us for the flatrate. Here is an overview of the currently possible packages:

Pricing Savings compared to 1 credit
1 - 9 Credits 4.00 Euro (approx. US$ 4.52) / each X
10 - 29 Credits 3.00 Euro (appr. US$ 3.39) / each -25 %
30 - 49 Credits 2.50 Euro (appr. US$ 2.83) / each -37,5 %
50 - 99 Credits 2.20 Euro (appr. US$ 2.49) / each -45 %
100 - 250 Credits 2.00 Euro (appr. US$ 2.26) / each -50 %
flatrate depending on volume from 19 Euro (appr. US$ 21.47) / month depending on volume up to -99 %

Credits can be purchased in your personal account. Please contact us for a flatrate. All prices plus 19% VAT if applicable.


"Great idea, simply implemented and functionally - a real added value that minimizes my workload."

Peter Kretzschmar, www.blitz-ding.de

"Cool thing! WOW! Great! Very very brilliant!"

Manuela Bock, www.fotobox42.de

"Very easy to use and very clear. It's great!"

Sven Böckle, www.theos-fotobox.de