Yes, with the creation of an account this function is already included free of charge. From your customer’s point of view, LayoutBoxx runs directly on your website (although it runs from our server of course). We provide you with the appropriate HTML code in your account.

Yes, you can use CSS code to determine all parameters for the color appearance yourself.

From purchase on 24 months. With a new purchase, older credits will be valid for a full 24 months again. Therefore it would make sense to re-purchase at least a small amount of credits shortly before expiration or to switch to flatrate.

In your account you have full control. All the information that is relevant is saved in your account. You can even set an “alarm clock” that reminds you after a number of credits is set by you as a limit by email, that your credits may soon be used up and you should perhaps stock up your credit account.

Each customer receives 1 GB of storage from us for personal data. Assuming about 2 MB per layout, your can upload about 500 layouts per account. Please note that larger files means you can upload fewer layouts.

Make sure you keep the layouts as small as possible. If you have a layout with 50 MB, this will inevitably be loaded very slowly, if your customer accesses it via mobile phone and wants to edit the file on the go. If the layout file is created with Photoshop, we recommend to export the result via “File / Export / Save for Web (Legacy)”. This typically saves a lot of file size and is still enough for high-quality printouts.

Yes. Either the same for all customers globally or one for each customer. In your account you can create and manage any passwords yourself.

The templates we provide are 1844×1240 pixels in size and are therefore suitable for most sublimation printers, e.g. from DNP etc. for 10×15 printing. If you need a different pixel size (for example, 1800×1200 pixels), you can turn off our templates within your account and upload and use almost any size yourself. Among other things, layouts in single stripe print (for example 620xx1844 pixels) or larger formats (for example for 15×20 printouts) are possible.

You can use the following coordinates for the layouts provided by us:
4 pics:
Picture 1: Left 55, Top 800, Width 520, Height 347, Angle 5
Picture 2: Left 640, Top 800, Width 520, Height 347, Angle 355
Picture 3: Left 1230, Top 800, Width 520, Height 347, Angle 5
Picture 4: Left 740, Top 60, Width 1005, Height 670, Angle 3

3 pics – stripes – if layout is laid 90 degrees counterclockwise to the left for printing:
Picture 1 above: Left 52, Top 50, Width 540, Height 360, Angle 270
Picture 2 above: Left 442, Top 50, Width 540, Height 360, Angle 270
Picture 3 above: Left 832, Top 50, Width 540, Height 360, Angle 270
Picture 1 below: Left 52, Top 650, Width 540, Height 360, Angle 270
Picture 2 below: Left 442, Top 650, Width 540, Height 360, Angle 270
Picture 3 below: Left 832, Top 650, Width 540, Height 360, Angle 270

1 pic:
Left: 122, Top: 68, Width: 1542, Height: 1028, Angle: 357

No, if the flatrate is canceled, the entire account including all uploaded data (layouts, cliparts, etc.) will also be deleted. If the account should only be temporarily closed (eg over the winter months), before termination you can buy a few adapted to the quiet time prepaid credits, which are then valid for a full 24 months and so will hold the account, including data alive. The separately purchased credits are retained even with renewed conversion to flat rate and can be used as a placeholder for the account within the 24 months in which they are valid.

That’s fine. When your customer accesses the Layout Designer with an English browser, the categories (e.g., wedding) are automatically displayed in English. But you can also force the display to be 100% in English, even the used browser is not in English or can’t be recognized. For this you have to add the suffix “? Lang = en” to the end of the URL, without quotation marks. For example, a complete URL for an English-language layout designer would be For a forced view in German, it would then be the following URL “demo” must be replaced in both cases with your chosen username. The respective URL can then be sent to the customer via e-mail, and he can use the layout designer in the language of your choice.